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When Iryna comes to mind, there is one word that stands out more than others that I can use to describe her and that is: Dedication. From the first consultation at her office to the latter stages of mortgage hunting, Iryna has been consistent and dedicated to finding Troy and myself the best possibly mortgage suited for our lifestyle and financial needs. If you need her in the evening or early morning e-mails, Iryna is always available to meet your needs and is working hard to take care of you as if you were her own family. Troy and I have grown very fond of Iryna and feel blessed to have her in our corner.  We couldn’t have come far in the journey of first-time home buying without her dedication.

Iryna’s services where recommended about ten years ago, during rather difficult period following my divorce. From the beginning I was impressed by her attendance to details, and swift reply to any questions leading to a smooth acquisition of a new mortgage. Iryna’s natural capitalization on her vast experience let her path to becoming an independent mortgage broker. This turned out to be to my advantage while shopping for very competitive mortgage rate during second house acquisition, and I found Iryna to be a great asset while facing the unknown territory of bridge financing within the new approval process.

It is an immense comfort knowing such a seasoned professional with unique empathy who restored my faith in the financial industry after some frustrating experiences with banks. I would highly recommend Iryna’s services to anybody who is in need of a mortgage or any other financial services her company is offering, you will like the result, I know I did.



Thank you for your invaluable help! I realize that it was not an easy task and required a high degree of ingenuity.

No doubt I saved your contacts for future uses and/or referrals.

From sunny Manitoba (with balmy temperature of -21C)

Hello Iryna,


We would like to thank you and your team again for great job in achievement our goal.

Your friendliness, professionalism and knowledge was a huge help in getting this new milestone. Your communication was as transparent as can be. We had some problems in understanding the process sometimes, but you guys always were patient enough to clear things up in a very transparent manner. You were always on top of things and always available for us to communicate. Your responses always appeared in a snap. We will recommend you to all of our friends and relatives in the future.


We definitely will be in touch. Happy holidays!

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